250 for 250: Victor Gatica

Victor Gatica had always maintained the belief that he was not good enough to succeed, and was shocked when he was accepted into Rutgers. He jokes that his acceptance was an accident as he tells me about his journey here. Although his acceptance was clearly real, it was conditional. Victor would have to excel in the Equal Opportunity Fund (EOF) in order to be ready for Rutgers. The EOF program offers financial and academic assistance to low-income New Jersey residents. Incoming first years must go through an intensive summer program that helps them prepare for Rutgers through strategies that focus on things like systematic retention efforts and student leadership development.

Scarlet Tips: Graduation Time

It’s weird to think how fast four years can move. If you’re a senior like me, you’re probably fearing for your life, scrambling to wrap up all you’ve been working for. You’ve also been searching the internet for anything you can call a job just because you don’t want to go back working at the job you…

Managing Your Mid-College Crisis

The word “upperclassman” is often thrown around heavily and with disdain by college students, often as a looming threat. At this mid-point in a college career, it’s time to buckle down and narrow your goals definitively so the journey post-college is a pleasant one. The second year student braces themselves to feel the wrath of…

250 for 250: Breahnna Saunders

On top of being full-time students, we often work part-time jobs, dedicate our time to various organizations, and occasionally, we shower. If you’re an introvert with anxiety, college isn’t easy and it’s certainly not always comfortable. Breahnna Saunders, a graduating senior, continues to work with her introverted personality while maintaining several leadership positions here at RU.