As part of the Division of Student Affairs’ initiative for Diversity and Inclusion, we at I Am Rutgers have started the #RUIDProject to highlight the many diverse identities, experiences, and reflections of the Rutgers student body. Students featured in this project share how they choose to identify themselves and how Rutgers either helps them express their identity or has helped shape their identity. If you would like to be featured in this project, share a picture of yourself and how you choose to identify using the hashtag #RUIDProject on Instagram or contact us via email.

#RUIDProject: Bhavna Bhatia

Bhavna has lived in many different countries and has called many different places home. Find out how her time at Rutgers has enabled her to define a personal identity within a larger community and carve her own path.

#RUIDProject: Michael Anderson

Michael found his home at Rutgers. He has the opportunity to showcase his words in front of a large crowd that he has come to know as family.

#RUIDProject: Sydney Schwartz

Sydney’s transition to a new school 3000 miles away from home was tough, but through Rutgers she has been able to immerse her creativity in her work and make new friends.

#RUIDProject: Shantell Missouri

For Shantell, gratification doesn’t always need to come from recognition. She believes she has made a difference in the lives of many people around her without having to step into the limelight or receive any validation.