As part of the Division of Student Affairs’ initiative for Diversity and Inclusion, we at I Am Rutgers have started the #RUIDProject to highlight the many diverse identities, experiences, and reflections of the Rutgers student body. Students featured in this project share how they choose to identify themselves and how Rutgers either helps them express their identity or has helped shape their identity. If you would like to be featured in this project, share a picture of yourself and how you choose to identify using the hashtag #RUIDProject on Instagram or contact us via email.

#RUIDProject: Richel Diaz

Richel was considered the ‘jack of all trades’ when she was younger and had a difficult time finding her own direction. It wasn’t until she came to Rutgers that she found what she was truly passionate about.

#RUIDProject: Danielle Gonzalez

As a graduating senior, Danielle is grateful for the experiences she’s had while at Rutgers, ranging from her time at the Daily Targum to her internships with Vivala, Stella McCartney and HGTV.

#RUIDProject: Taylor Ebron-McQueen

While at Rutgers, Taylor has learned to be comfortable with uncertainty, follow her passions, and step outside of her comfort zone in order to make the most of her college experience.

#RUIDProject: Barakah Iqbal

Baraka’s identity is multidimensional. Rutgers’ diverse student body has enabled her to embrace all aspects of her identity and become more vocal about her beliefs.

#RUIDProject: Rixie Cipollina

Rixie found a sense of belonging while at Rutgers and will always view this school and community as her home away from home.

#RUIDProject: Taylor Au

While at Rutgers, Taylor Au has learned to appreciate the little things and act with purpose.

#RUIDProject: Rebekkah McLellan

Rebekkah has been through obstacles to be where she is now. Thanks to the support of her family, friends and Rutgers, she has been able to gain confidence in herself to pursue her dreams.

#RUIDProject: Kelly Rogers

Kelly came to Rutgers unsure of her major and career goals. Three years later, she feels much more certain about the future and is thankful to have discovered subjects she feels passionate about.

#RUIDProject: Kierra Pean

As the daughter of two immigrant Haitian parents, Kierra struggled to find a feeling of belonging growing up. It wasn’t until she came to Rutgers that she felt accepted by a diverse student body and discovered new opportunities to explore other cultures.

#RUIDProject: Ankita Veta

Ankita Veta has always been passionate about learning. Since coming to Rutgers, she has channeled this passion into a mission and is now the president of a club that fundraises money to provide scholarships for women who are the first in their families to get an education.

#RUIDProject: Kofi Addo

Kofi, or Nicholas, gives the background story of his name and how it has played an integral part in his Rutgers journey. Here Kofi shares his identity through his name and his story.

#RUIDProject: Gabriel Parsacala

Gabe is from Piscataway. Rutgers’ English and Media studies degree has given Gabe an opportunity to connect to his hometown in creative ways.

#RUIDProject: Tatianna Amatruda

Tatianna came to Rutgers with a completely different mindset on what she wanted to do in life. After being asked what she really enjoyed doing, she focused on her passion. Ever since, she’s had various internships and been inducted in one of the most esteemed honor societies at Rutgers.

#RUIDProject: Sean Downey

Sean Downey considered himself an introvert throughout most of his life. It wasn’t until his sophomore year of college that he decided change needed to be made and his talents should no longer be hidden. Learn more about how Sean used Rutgers as the platform that would help him begin to take new strides and leaps.

#RUIDProject: Jason Gaines

Jason Gaines tells the story of how the Rutgers Future Scholar Program helped shape his identity and affinity for Rutgers, as well as how he dealt with the untimely death of his mother.

#RUIDProject: Safaa Khan

Safaa Khan’s hijab has ignited her desire to stand up for marginalized communities and defy inaccurate stereotypes. Her decision to wear her hijab while at Rutgers has enabled her to not just be okay with her identity, but to be proud of it.

#RUIDProject: Allison Chicoma

As the youngest in her family, Allison set expectations to follow in the footsteps of her brother and sister. As she began her journey at Rutgers she realized that she had to leave her own footsteps. Learn about Allison’s self-discovery of her passions and career endeavors.

#RUIDProject: Karishma Motwani

Karishma came to Rutgers thinking she would spend most of her time studying or on a dance team, but once she joined RUPA, everything changed. Find out how Karishma uncovered new interests and combined seemingly polar opposite passions into a diverse college career.

#RUIDProject: Julia Freeman

From a young age, a love for competition and sports has fueled Julia. Whether cheering on her beloved Patriots or pushing herself to be the victor, her fierce spirit has never faded. Find out how Julia’s passion for sports helped her discover her place here at Rutgers.