Is Off-Campus Housing for You?

So the housing lottery went out, you diligently filled out the roommate questionnaire, and you submitted your application in a timely fashion. Fast-forward a couple of days later and you get an email in your inbox. Your lottery number has arrived! You just can’t wait to move into a suite or one of those coveted…


Black Men’s Collective

“Each One Reach One”: short, simple, yet powerful. Originated by Julius Nyerere, founder of Tanzania, this statement has become the motto of the Black Men’s Collective, an organization that is aimed at empowering and uniting black males on campus. The Black Men’s Collective (BMC) was created in 1992 to address the low graduation rate of…


Shakespearing at Rutgers

“I should write a book” is a passing thought that many of us have. However, it is usually followed by something like “should I order pizza or sushi for dinner?” Joe Mankowski, a senior at Rutgers, thought about writing a book and ended up drafting seven by the age of 22. Joe is majoring in…


Public Health

Eliz Rivera-Torres is a sophomore at Rutgers who plans on double majoring in Public Health and Latino & Hispanic Caribbean Studies in the School of Arts and Sciences with a minor in Health & Society. For Eliz, healthcare was always a field of interest, but it was in public health that she found her niche.  “I…


RA Insights: Bernard Lin

Bernard Lin, a fourth-year Classics major in the School of Arts and Sciences, is unlike most Rutgers students in that he has spent the entirety of his college career living in the same building on the same floor. After being placed on the honors floor of Lynton Tower North during his first year, Bernard decided…


Senior Reflections: Nick Rapon

I Am Rutgers will be counting down the days until the Class of 2015 graduation with our weekly series called Senior Reflections. Tune in every Thursday to learn more about your fellow peers as they tell us about their past few years at Rutgers. This week we are featuring Rutgers graduating senior Nick Rapon, as he…


When You Intern At NY Fashion Week

One of the best parts of going to Rutgers is having New York City right in your backyard. And if you’re planning on pursuing a career in arts, entertainment, fashion, finance, or really anything you can think of, New York is an intern’s and a new graduate’s playground. This past week, I had the incredible…


Rutgers Alternative Breaks: Esha Vaid

Esha Vaid is a junior at Rutgers University. She is majoring in psychology and minoring in statistics. For me, participating in Alternative Breaks has been a life changing experience. I have been on two trips now and I feel like I have grown so much through each one. In March 2014, I started my Alternative…


Letters To My First-Year Self: Daisy Fernandez

This piece is part of the Letters to My First-Year Self series in which students (current or past) look back on their first year here at Rutgers and give advice to their former selves. We are looking for contributions to this series; so if you’d like to participate, please send your reflection to I Am…


Scarlet Lore: Passion Puddle

Did you know that when certain Rutgers students walk around Passion Puddle together three times, they are supposed to live happily ever after? Or so legend has it. Zack Morrison discusses the origins of this myth and more on this episode of Scarlet Lore.

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Video by Zack Morrison

Instilling Change, Uniting Neighbors

On Saturday, January 26th, the Black Student Union hosted their annual Opening Ceremony to kick off Black History Month. This year’s theme was “Revival of the Renaissance: Celebration of the Arts.” The event entailed dinner, student performances, black art and poetry, great music, and inspirational words from keynote speaker Justin Rose. Every year, the ceremony not only serves…


Community Service Redefined

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” I think we’ve heard this proverb at least once as children growing up, but as we begin to examine all the problems facing our communities, we can start to see the importance of putting…