Rutgers, Before the Leaves Drop.

Rutgers is beautiful all year long, but is especially stunning during the fall months. Check out our photo essay featuring some of the most colorful places around campus.


Hidden in Plain Sight: The CAVE

You’ve probably been to Hill Center many times, but have you ever been to the CAVE? If you venture down a hallway of the second floor of Hill Center, you’ll find an abundant amount of resources and a bustling community of students.



When the sun sets and the moon rises, most people prepare to shut down. However, there are those who find the night more alive and start their “daily” grind in the hours when most people are asleep. Rutgers, WHILE YOU SLEEP showcases photos around the Rutgers campuses during nighttime. A time where some of us fail…


Hidden in Plain Sight: Rutgers Ecological Preserve

The Rutgers Ecological Preserve is one of the largest forests in New Jersey. The expansive preserve, spanning 316 acres, features numerous fresh water streams that feed into the Raritan River and houses numerous hiking and biking trails for the public to enjoy. For stressed college students, the Rutgers Ecological Preserve offers a quiet, peaceful alternative to the urban bustle of New…


Scarlet Lore: Passion Puddle

Did you know that when certain Rutgers students walk around Passion Puddle together three times, they are supposed to live happily ever after? Or so legend has it. Zack Morrison discusses the origins of this myth and more on this episode of Scarlet Lore.

[youtube id=”UCmlqfCgr6Q” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Video by Zack Morrison

Scarlet Lore: The Sacred Path

Join Zack Morrison as he explores the history and traditions of Rutgers University that you never knew existed. For this segment, Zack explores the tradition behind the Sacred Path. Back in 1919, the first class of Douglass College first-year students were not allowed to walk on the walkway between George Street and College Hall. This restriction would…


A Stroll Through Rutgers Gardens

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life to appreciate a little bit of nature at Rutgers Gardens. If you haven’t been to Rutgers Gardens, it’s about time you go check it out. You have to take a car to get there, but it’s worth the trip. Not only are there beautiful…


Scarlet Lore: Rutgers Mascots

Did you know that the Scarlet Knight wasn’t always the mascot for Rutgers University? In the early days of intercollegiate athletics, Rutgers athletes were known by several different names. Join Zack Morrison as he explores the history of these mascots, and how one of them came from a very unlikely place. [youtube id=”wZW59qz_L6M” width=”600″ height=”350″]…