250 for 250: Breahnna Saunders

On top of being full-time students, we often work part-time jobs, dedicate our time to various organizations, and occasionally, we shower. If you’re an introvert with anxiety, college isn’t easy and it’s certainly not always comfortable. Breahnna Saunders, a graduating senior, continues to work with her introverted personality while maintaining several leadership positions here at RU.

250 for 250: Davon McCurry

Davon McCurry’s emotional challenges in his first year at college only drove him to achieve more by establishing the Siani Strong Foundation in his late sister’s memory, where he helps families of cancer patients raise funds for treatment. Read about Davon’s determination in making a difference, while keeping the memory of his sister alive.

250 for 250: Patrice Williams

“Everything I do surrounds bodily autonomy, reproductive justice, combating systemic and racial oppression, and understanding the power of language, which has the ability to shape how we make and create lived realities, policies, spaces, and knowledge.” Find out how Patrice Williams, a fourth year Douglass student, is making a difference at Rutgers and the surrounding communities.

250 for 250: Marie Callahan

Marie Callahan, a fourth-year studying Social Work has harnessed her passion for international by co-founding “RU Global Citizens,” while taking this interest further by studying abroad in China and India. Describing her travel as being a transformative experience, Marie will be inspiring students with hearing impairments by traveling to UC Berkley and Beijing this semester to showcase her ongoing project through the Clinton Global Initiative.

250 for 250: Dan Corey

Dan Corey is the Daily Targum’s newest editor-in-chief. He also broadcasts a weekly radio show on WRSU (Rutgers Radio) and interned with 94.3 last summer. Perhaps even more impressive, however, is the fact that he is only a sophomore. Find out how Dan got involved at Rutgers as a freshman and how he plans to make the most of the rest of his college career.