250 for 250: Nadine Azari

Nadine Azari is on the Board of Directors for Rutgers’ largest student-run event, Dance Marathon. She is also in her third year as a Resident Assistant on College Avenue, where students go to her for support. Nadine plans to do research abroad when she graduates in May.

250 for 250: Ajay Kashi

Ajay Kashi, a senior studying chemical engineering and physics, has conducted research on renewable energy in world-renowned schools like the University of Southern California and Columbia University. Originally from California, Ajay has always had a specific interest in climate change and has gone a step further by trying to tackle this problem through his involvement both at Rutgers and on an international level.

250 for 250: Kaila Lim

Recent graduate, Kaila Lim, discovered a passion for public speaking through Rutgers Toastmasters and competed in contests hosted by Toastmasters International, TedX Speechcraft, and the Rutgers School of Communication and Information during her time at Rutgers. Find out more about her college journey and her career plans as she begins her first full-time job in New York City.