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Student Affairs Web Admin March 19, 2012 0

The start of the spring semester brings along new classes, internships, and opportunities for students all over campus. For the greek community, the new semester also means the chance to recruit more members.

RUSH week began mid-January and it continued on for a few more days. This is the perfect time for fraternities and sororities to show off the amazing qualities they possess and they can invite interested students to join their organizations.

Delta Kappa Epsilon (DEKE) is a male-dominant, social fraternity has been a part of Rutgers since 1861. Besides having active chapters all over the United States, DKE has also expanded to Canada and is making plans to start up in Europe. Vin Sawhney, the immediate-past president of the fraternity, looks forward to RUSH week and gaining new members.

Sawhney explains that “the term RUSH signifies an interest to join – it is a process for new members. First, during the RUSH period, interested recruits are able to gather information about the fraternity. Then through a selection process, the members can become pledges and move forward to becoming brothers/full members of the fraternity.”

“Delta Kappa Epsilon takes part in all of the major campuses. We help clean up the New Brunswick area, support Special Olympics – our main goal is to try to make Rutgers a better place.”

Besides being a growing organization that gives each member an equal say, DEKE also offers bonding experiences and programs for the new pledges.

“For the new pledges we have a program called the Big Little Thing where each pledge is assigned a big brother,” mentions Sawhney. “Their big brother is like their own go-to-guy. We try to give new pledges someone with the same major and personality; however, pledges are not just limited not that one person. They are free to go to any brother in the organization who they feel can help them.”

“We are a growing organization and we ask all members for their input. Everyone knows everyone and the bond we share is unbreakable. This is my family; I could not imagine life at Rutgers without DEKE.”

Fellow brother Rustam Aminjanov feels the same way as Sawhney. Aminjanov, a commuter, has been a member since 2010 since his high school friend introduced him to the fraternity. During a conversation he was impressed by the fraternity and by their numerous accomplishments.

Aminjanov said, “It made me feel like I had role models. It felt like I had people to look up to. There was one member named Justin George who was the ideal role model – he was excellent in his academics, he was nice, and he knew how to have fun.”

“It was an instant connection with the members and they made me feel wanted. Since then I have tried my best to make new members feel the same way I did and to be the best person I can be.”


For any who are interest or to those who just want advice Delta Kappa Epsilon is not afraid to lend a helping hand.  Feel free to contact Vin Sawhney by email vsawhney@eden.rutgers.edu.

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