Your A to Z Guide to Everything Intimate

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The 2011 Sex, Love & Dating Conference (featuring Frank Warren, creator of Post Secret).

Students interested in becoming sexperts, relationship experts, or seeking advice on love ventured to Busch Campus on February 20, 2011 to the “Your A to Z Guide to Everything Intimate – The 2011 Sex, Love, and Dating Conference”.

The conference allowed students to attend a variety of interactive workshops lead by world-renowned sex educators such as River Huston and Lena Chen. Intriguing workshop titles included “Bi All Means”, “Fabulous Fellatio: The Art of Oral Sex”, and “How to Have a Gender- Free Orgasm”.  Students faced discussions on key interpersonal issues about friendship, relationships, sex, and dating advice.

“Make sure you make the sombrero before putting the condom on,” advised Megan Andelloux, sex health educator and speaker of “Fabulous Fellatio: The Art of Oral Sex”. The workshop included non-sexual participation where students could practice techniques alongside the teacher. While providing new tips she also stressed the importance of sex education and proper protection techniques.

An all-day informational fair included various vendors, student presentations, and clubs, which allowed guests to pool in between workshops throughout the day. Guests were able to obtain free merchandise and win prizes by participating in educational games orchestrated by Women and Gender Studies students that revolved around issues of sex, myths, and drugs such as “Alcohol Jeopardy” and “Marijuana Trivia”.

Rachel Wiley, member of RU Choice, a student organization affiliated with Planned Parenthood was there to pass out informational material as well as raise awareness of sex health and pro-choice:

“We are here because we want to spread information about safe sex and a lot of reproductive health issues because it is important for a lot of people on campus to know about these things” she said.

The event ended with a lecture and book signing from keynote speaker Frank Warren. The creator of Post Secret, Warren is celebrated for establishing an online blog that posts postcards sent to his home address with secrets illustrated on the back.  Also know as “The Most Trusted Stranger in America,” Frank Warren divulged students on his process of choosing postcards to post on the blog, his favorite secrets, as well as secrets that never made the published books.

By: Melissa Mendoza

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